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Wireless Charger

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Charge your smartphone very easily thanks to this 2 in 1 car holder and wireless charger. Put your smartphone on the holder to activate the charging process without any plugged cable. This charging holder works with a micro USB cable connected to a cigar-lighter charger (both cabde and charger are included in the set). This holder is suitable to any type of vehicle thanks to the air-vent fixation. You can adjust the holder to your smartphone shape and size with a button at the back (compatible up 6 incles). Also this support includes the “one touch locking system” to easily and conveniently position your Smartphone on the holder. The rotative head will allow to use your smartphone on either landscape or portrait mode. The wireless charging technology is compatible with smartphone fitted with wireless receiver module or any wireless charging case.


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Autonomy : Cigare-lighter charger & built in Micro USB cable 1m
Definition : Micro USB cable linked to the charger
Compatibility : Univeral Micro USB
Connectivity : micro USB
Peak power (W) : 5W (wireless charge)
Power (A) 2A : (USB charger)