TnB Antiastic Carbon Brush For Records

1,875 L

Vinyl Ultra fine, anti-static carbon fibre brush
Shihni shportën


  • Ultra fine, anti-static carbon fibre brush
  • Safely and effectively lifts dust, grit and particles from records
  • Easy to use pivoting brush assembly
  • Reduces friction to improve overall soundstage clarity and instrumental definition
  • Self-cleaning design

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Composition : Carbon fibre antistatic brush
Capacity : 20ml fluid
Category : kits

Model R-15PM
Sound Quality High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)
Speaker Design 2-way
Bundle Listing No
Color Black
Audio Inputs USB, Digital Optical TOSLINK, Stereo L/R RCA, Digital Coaxial RCA, TRS/Audio Jack, Banana Jack, Raw Cable Jack
RMS Power 50W
Subwoofer Type Powered/Active
Type Bookshelf
Connectivity Bluetooth/Wireless
Configuration 2.0 System
Shape Rectangle
Weight 10.3 lbs (4.67kg)
Length 17.9 in
Width 7.0 in
Height 12.5 in
Depth 8.1″