TnB ANC Earphones Lightning

6,990 L

The Sensation collection is the Premium range from T’nB, it combines innovative active noise reduction technology with wired earphone worn every day. The new lightning earphone from the Sensation range are compatible with all Apple music players (iPhone, iPod, iPad). These premium earphone have a sleek design and a white color combined with a few silver keys that make them very elegant to wear. These new Anti-Noise earphone will offer you an immersive musical experience by completely isolating you from all external sounds that could interfere with listening to your favorite playlist. By pressing the button on the command, you will be able to remove all the noise pollution from your surroundings in order to make your listening quality simply exceptional! Very comfortable and comfortable to wear, they will become your essential accessory for listening to your music on a daily basis. Learn to rediscover your favorite songs with the Sensation range from T’nB.

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  • Series: CURV
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Magnet diameter (mm): 13
  • Frequency band (Hz): 20-20 000
  • Impedance (Ohm): 32
  • Cable length (cm): 120
  • Microphone: universal built-in
  • Input power Max (mW): 60
  • Sensibility: 108
  • Type of connector: Lightning
  • Warranty (year): 1
  • Advantages: Lightning connector
  • Benefits: Compatible with all Apple products / Active noise cancellin
  • Qty per carton: 3
  • Color: White