TnB Adaptor USB-C to Jack 3.5mm

890 L

More and more phones are launched without a 3.5mm jack port. How to enjoy your music with your wired headphones or your favorite earphones? This Type-C to Jack 3.5mm adaptor allows you to connect a device with a jack port and connect it to your smartphone. In addition to listening to your favorite playlist, you can also receive and make calls, if your earphones (or headphones) are compatible with call pickup. Its small size will allow you to take it everywhere with you; this can be very practical in case of battery failure of your bluetooth headset!

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  • Connectivity: USB-C/ Jack 3.5 mm
  • Weight (g): 4
  • Warranty (year): 1
  • Benefits: Take it everywhere with you
  • Qty per carton: 6