Systemline S7 Ipad Mini 4 Wallmount Dock

62,500 L

    • Systemline Wall Dock Fixed
    • Systemline Wall Dock Clamps & Installation Screws
    • Cutout Template
    • Suction Cup (required to remove iPad®)
    • Installation Instructions
    • CAT5/CAT6 USB Charging Kit
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The patent pending design mounts your iPad® flush in the wall for convenient touchscreen control from anywhere in your home or business. Do you have a home automation, security, surveillance or music system, but didn’t want to pay for the expensive proprietary touchscreens? Combine the Systemline wall dock with an iPad® for an unbeatable solution for in-wall control.


Our Fixed version is ideal for homes or businesses where easy removal of the iPad® is not desired. The Systemline wall dock precision machined opening uses friction to hold the iPad® and prevent removal to create a semi-permanent installation which resists theft or vandalism.


Easy to Install – Ultra-thin depth <1/2″ design means you don’t have to worry about stud finding or placement concerns. In fact, installation is easier if there is a stud behind the mounting location – Simply cut the hole and screw to existing wood framing. Or, if the wall opening is hollow, we include two clamping brackets that grasp wall surfaces from 1/8″ to 3/4″.


Power up your iPad® (or Android tablet) with our Cat5/6 USB Charger System. Provides fast charging up to 328 feet (100m) over standard Cat5 or Cat6 cabling. The perfect way to keep iPad® charged when docked in the iWalldock.

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– Extend USB power up to 328' (100m) using standard Cat5 or Cat6 cables
– 2.4 Amp USB power allows full-speed charging for iPad, Android, Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire Tablet, etc