QED XT25 Speaker Cable

640 L

288W, 8 Ω load, 150 Watts RMS

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To bring out the best possible sound from speakers QED have created the XT25 budget reference speaker cable. Suitable for all types of audio systems including stereo, home entertainment systems of custom installations, QED XT25 is precision designed to enhance the sound without loss or degradation of audio quality.

Equipped with the award-winning QED X-Tube technology that situates all of the conducting material around a central hollow insulating rod, the XT25 provides a near-linear signal transfer at treble frequencies for greater detail and realism of sound.

QED XT25 is crafted with high-purity oxygen-free copper cable providing less resistance to the audio signal resulting in less strain on the audio source for higher fidelity with less power. This pure copper cable allows the XT25 cable to cover longer distances without loss of audio quality. Together with the QED Airlock plugs the XT25 is by far the finest speaker cable in its category.

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Suitable as upgrade cable for audio systems of all types
Cross-sectional area of 2.5mm² makes it ideal for long runs
Equipped with QED Airloc forte banana plugs
X-Tube technology allows near-linear signal transfer at treble frequencies
Low DC resistance provides high-fidelity signal transfer
99.999% Oxygen-Free Copper cable
Cross-sectional area: 25mm2
Wire gauge: 14awg
Jacket outside diameter: 3.96mm
Loop resistance: 13.4mω/m
Capacitance: 35.0pf/m
Loop inductance: 0.52μh/m
Dissipation factor @ 10khz: 0.0001
Conductors: 10 x 19/0.13mm
Insulation: LDPE jacket with 100% coverage of Aluminium Mylar tape wrap
Plugs and spades: QED Airloc forte banana plugs