Miles Davis-Sketches Of Spain 12″ Vinyl 180gr

1,750 L

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Shihni shportën
His first release after Kind Of Blue, Davis’ playing on the classic Sketches Of Spain is absolutely effortless and he offers up some of the most dramatic and breathtakingly brooding solos of his career here. The album’s cover is also a true classic as it features the first appearance of the silhouette logo which would become the ultimate trademark of the artist.
Said one critic: “It is as if Miles had been born of Andalusian gypsies, but instead of picking up the guitar, had decided to make a trumpet the expression of his cante hondo (deep song).”
Track List
1.  Concierto De Aranjuez
2.  Will O’ The Wisp
3.  The Pan Piper
4.  Saeta
5.  Solea
6. Song Of Our Country