Miles Davis-Miles Ahead 12″ Vinyl 180gr

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Miles Ahead (1957) marks the start of Miles’ collaboration with Gil Evans, orchestra arranger and conductor whose combined forces also yielded Sketches Of Spain and Porgy & Bess. In a time where Big Bands were no longer fashionable, the duo forged their own path anyway and put a 19-piece band behind Davis. The ballads “Miles Ahead” and “Blues for Pablo” showcase Miles’ sensitive side, which shines through fully on these songs in particular.

Of all the young musicians who came out of the immediate post-war jazz period, Miles Davis was perhaps the most lyrical and most instantly communicating. In certain contexts, he proved to be an artist of enormous appeal to people who knew nothing about jazz. This album, while deliberately “significant” from the musical point of view, is also an album which is a delight to anyone who simply wants to hear good music, beautifully and richly performed.

Track List

1. Springsville
2. The Maids Of Cadiz
3. The Duke
4. My Ship
5. Miles Ahead
6. Blues For Pablo
7. New Rhumba
8. The Meaning Of The Blues
9. Lament
10. I Don’t Wanna Be Kissed