Ennio Morricone-Alla Scoperta Dell’ America 12″ Vinyl 180gr

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Alla Scoperta Dell`America is a 1977 tv documentary dedicated to a puppet builder that represented the travel of Columbus to America. This 40-minute soundtrack may not be as well-known as the music to which Ennio Morricone owes its reputation, but the themes are original and know how to stay in mind, especially the “Tema d’amore”, a delicacy worthy of his best compositions. Fans will also recognize the signature of Morricone through humor (“Misterioso per Elisa”) and the presence of a whistler (“Finale”). Thanks to its many in-depth qualities, this album should satisfy connoisseurs of Ennio Morricone’s work.

Track List

  1.  Titoli
  2.  Tema D’Amore
  3.  Burlesco
  4.  Dolce Mistero
  5.  Esotica
  6.  Marcetta
  7.  Indgine Su Un Navigatore…
  8.  Misterioso, Per Elisa
  9.  Saltarello Della Rana
  10.  Tema D’Amore Ripresa
  11.  Finale