Cordial CHDMI 1

2,240 L

Cable: HDMI,Gold,Black, 1m

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The Cordial HDMI Cable 1m Black is a HDMI cable with a length of 1m, a HDMI A to HDMI A connectors, gold contacts and comes with a black jacket. This jacket is made from a PVC material. This HDMI cable is designed for use in professional applications.
Cable: HDMI
Length: 1m
Connectors: HDMI A to HDMI A
Contacts: Gold
Jacket: PVC
Colour: Black

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2 x 0.34 mm²
Conductor design: 26 x 0,127 mm CU blank
Conductor resistance: 58 Ohm/km
Gold-plated moulded plugs
Length: 1.0 m
Colour: Black