Alecto Weather station wireless sensor WS-1150

2,800 L

Works on 1.5V type AA batteries (exclusive)
Indication when the battery is almost empty
Clear color display with display of time, day and date
Always the right time (DCF-controlled clock)
Measure the humidity inside and outside
Animated weather forecast 12-24 hours
Measure indoor and outdoor temperature
Radio frequency 433 MHz

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Smart weather station
The WS-1550 is a stylishly designed digital weather station with a wireless outdoor sensor. It starts immediately with a signal from the outdoor sensor when both power supplies are filled with 1.5 Volt AA batteries. The display of the weather station shows the time, date, indoor and outdoor temperature and air pressure. The air humidity inside and outside is also calculated and the weather forecast is displayed. This is all done via an animation using icons. Based on the air pressure, the weather station calculates the weather for the next 12-24 hours.

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